Collection: The Complete Baby's Loveys, First Dolls and Plush Collection

In their first few months a baby's brain is growing at a remarkable speed. First Dolls and Loveys with their soft plush and finger friendly textures, strong patterns and bright colors can help stimulate the senses to help your baby's growth!

But along with stimulating the senses, there are three other requirements for First Dolls:

  1. Loveys have to be adorable; or at least cute! That's a given isn't it?
  2. First Dolls have to be safe, with no choking hazards, no 'ribbons and bows' longer than an inch or two, no buttons or sequins to fall off, no sharp edges. 
  3. And third, we like our Lovies to not only be safe for the baby now, but these first dolls should continue to be enjoyed for several years after as well; a doll that two year olds and three year olds will still find comforting, still find interesting, and still be playing with. (Which also means washable!)