Collection: Black Boy Dolls and Black Dolls for Boys

There's a subtle difference between Black Boy Dolls and Black Dolls for Boys, although they do overlap quite a bit.

It's all in the intent of you, the searcher! 

  • In the first case, Black Boy Dolls, you were looking for a doll that is both Black and a Boy, and suitable for a boy or a girl's doll play. And if it's going into a preschool, day care or kindergarten, you might have been looking for a Black doll for children of any race to play with, the intent being representation and inclusivity.
  • In the second case, Black Dolls for Boys, you were looking for a Black doll;  you might be intending to give it to a boy, but the doll itself need not be a boy. You'd be just as happy with the perfect gender neutral doll - like a water-baby - or a generic soft plush lovey or maybe even a learn-to-dress doll!
In either case, whatever you were searching for, we're glad you found us and are pretty  confident that you'll find exactly what you were looking for right here!