Collection: Black Dolls for Toddlers and Kids - I'm not a Baby Anymore!

One full step up from Black Baby dolls to love and nurture, are the Black Toddler's dolls, often with doll clothes to change in and out of or doll hair to brush and style. 

Your toddler is telling you in so many ways that "I'm a BIG girl now!" and her dolls should be growing 'older' too. Of course they will forever love and nurture their Black Baby dolls, but to help build her self esteem, creativity and social role play, these Black and African American Toddler dolls are what she should be graduating to now.

Black dolls with hair are also a Parent's or Grandma's favorites, as they create more 'bonding time' as you and your child find new ways to brush and style the doll's hair together.

All of our hair dolls have synthetic hair, many in simulated 'natural' styles.