Collection: The Anatomically Correct Dolls for Children's Play

We often get asked: Why are there anatomically correct dolls for children?

  1. For most families the fact that a doll is anatomically correct just makes it more lifelike, realistic and natural. Babies and toddlers are still too young to care about gender at this point, and they probably won't even notice. But if there is a new baby in the house with different 'parts' so to speak, these children's anatomically correct dolls can help you ease into that discussion.
  2. For educational purposes: Potty training dolls are by nature generally anatomically correct. And you can help a shy or non-verbal child prepare for a doctor's visit by using the doll to find out; 'Where does it hurt?'
  3. For 'reborning.' One of the largest categories in doll crafts is the art of 'reborning' dolls. (Painting and sculpting dolls to make them look as lifelike as possible.) Those artists generally start with anatomically correct dolls. If you've never seen or heard of Reborn Dolls, take a look (link to google images search)  They are amazing!
All of the dolls here with the exception of the Aquini and Carper are 15 inch dolls. Additional Outfits can be found Here: