Collection: Brown Dolls, Hispanic Dolls, Multicultural and Biracial Dolls for Children

America's population has changed in the 21st century and the new majority is 'children of color.' And the parents and grandparents of those children want dolls that look like their children. That's what our site is all about: Dolls that represent America's children. Diversity.

There's a whole rainbow of Black, Brown and Beige on this page, and in all versions: Brown Rag Dolls, Hispanic Baby Dolls, Desi Toddler Dolls, Muslim dolls etc., and we hope that within our multicultural doll selection you will find the dolls you wanted; The Dolls that look like your kids.

Black Dolls. African-American Dolls. Afro-Caribbean and Afro-Latinex dolls. Desi Dolls for the South Asian diaspora and Eastern Asian Dolls for the Asian Pacific, Filipino and Hawaiian Children. MENAT (Middle East North Africa and Turkey). Pacific Oceania,  Indigenous, Native American Dolls and more... Biracial, Multicultural, Hispanic and Ethnic.