Collection: Boy Baby Dolls to Love and Nurture. For Boy's or Girl's Play

There's a huge audience for Boy Baby dolls and Boy Toddler Dolls, but most toy stores just can't devote the space needed to offer you a great selection.

But as an online store, we can. And we have one of the best selections of Boy Dolls on the web. Check out your choices below.

  • Is Mommy taking care of a newborn baby boy (Congratulations!) and now your kids want a baby boy doll to play with?
  • Are all the baby dolls in your house dolls for girls? 
  • Has your son been asking for his own baby boy doll? 
  • Or maybe you were looking for the perfect boy's potty training doll

Whatever your need, you're sure to find at least one perfect baby boy doll below!