Collection: Best Bath Toys for Toddlers - Bathtub Dolls and Waterbabies

It's a fact. The first time your baby throws her favorite baby doll in the bathtub, you are going to wish you had a bathtub doll. Not because she got hers wet, but because it'll take so long for her doll to dry! 

On the other hand, these Bath Toys and Waterbabies: 

  • Are made to go into the water.
  • Are Fast Drying.
  • Are machine washable to prevent mold.
  • Most of our bathtub dolls come in standard doll sizes, and fit standard doll clothes as well, so bath time play can become after bath play!
  • And best of all, kids love to play in the bath. It's a sure winner as a gift.

We have a pretty good selection, Black Bathtub dolls, Boy Bathtub dolls, Brown and Multicultural waterbabies.

And be sure to check out our exclusive  '4pc sets,' with the baby's crawler doll clothes bonus set. You get the bath doll, hooded towel, pacifier, bath toy and the bonus baby's crawler  doll clothes. Checks off one extra baby doll nurturing box: 'dressing her baby.'

PS: While not technically waterbabies, the Miniland Educational dolls are also made to go into water as they are made with special seals to help prevent water from getting into the dolls. You can check our our complete selection of these fabulous toddler dolls with hair here: They make the perfect bath toys for a two year old.