Doll Clothes and Accessories

Want some more 'Me Time' Mommy? Just add some doll clothes to the doll play equation and you're guaranteed at least 30 minutes while she dresses and undresses her dolls!

Sooner or later she's going to realize that everyone she knows 'changes clothes,' and that 'same-old, same-old original outfit' gets boring after a while.

Those are two of the many reasons while doll play gets better with doll clothes play! (You would never buy her a Barbie™ without buying an extra outfit or two would you?)

Others include: increasing fine motor skills and finger dexterity, improved self awareness about cleanliness and 'clean' clothes, extended interest and play time with the doll, increased nurturing pretend play and more story building and creativity as she creates new scenarios for the different outfits!

Now, isn't a doll outfit or two worth all that?