Collection: Rag Dolls, Loveys, First Dolls and Other Soft Cloth Boy's Dolls

For every age, and every stage, we have the best selection of boy's Rag Dolls on the internet.

Looking for a lovey? Finger friendly, super soft cloth rag dolls with lots of textures for a baby's fingers to explore? Maybe a toddler boy's toy? "I'm not a baby anymore!' he'll declare, but yet he still needs a soft cloth doll as a comfort and security object? 

And God forbid it should look too 'girly,' right? Most of our toddler boy dolls will do the trick - they not only 'look' like boys, many are dressed just like the older boys your son wants to be like.

And if your purchase gets the Neanderthals in your family all upset: "Dolls are for girls!"** your purchase is completely risk free. We have a free returns policy!

**Research indicates that boys who grow up with dolls become better husbands and fathers.