Our Story: Best Dolls For Kids

In 1978, a couple of newlywed kids named Peter and Addie founded a small graphic arts studio in New York City. But, as you can imagine, it is very difficult to own horses while living in NYC, so in 1980 they moved 300 miles north to the snow-belt township of Manlius N.Y. where they bought an 1860's farm house and started raising a family along with a house full of birds, fish, cats, dogs and yes, horses. 

In 2002  they brought their unique art and designs for Adoption Announcements and Shower Invitations to the internet as the Happy Artist LLC, along with 'Dolls for Adopted Children.'  

It wasn't long before the doll business outgrew the stationery business and The Pattycake Doll Company was born.

We specialized in selling dolls 'not readily available in the big box stores,' and soon had the largest selection of Asian Dolls, Black Dolls, and Biracial Dolls on the internet, and a few years later, we added Boys Dolls as well.
But it's not what we sell, but why we sell that's most important. We learned two very important facts as we watched our business grow:
    1. Dolls are perhaps the most perfect toy there is. In a world where all their decisions are made for them by adults, doll play is one area where your child is in control and it is essential to a child's development. Play is where a child learns how he or she fits into the world.
    2. At a time when more than half of America's Children are Children of Color, someone needed to step up and create a doll store for those children. 
In 2017, at the request of our younger customer base for a quicker and more mobile friendly experience, we created BestDollsforKids.com.  

Today The Pattycake Doll company, despite the incredible growth of Amazon, Walmart.com and Target.com, remains one of the most popular doll stores on the internet, and it's only possible because of customers like you, who continue to support family owned small businesses.
Thank You! The Laudin Family.
We donate a percentage of all profits of the Happy Artist LLC companies to charities that help children. Here are just some of the children's charities that your purchases from the last fifteen years have supported! 
THANK YOU-THANK YOU-THANK YOU!!! Here are the charities that your purchases have supported: Make-A-Wish; Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies; St Baldricks Children's Cancer; Nightlight Christian Adoptions; Childvision - World of Hope; Madonna House - N.J.; The Toy Bank; Vogel house TX; Time is Now; Spirit of America; Chances by Choice (HIV Adoption); Hope for Bereaved; Molly's Babies; The Charmettes Inc, Richmond Chapter, in support of the ASK Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Clinic at the VCU Medical Center; Holt International Children's Services; The Smile Train (Cleft Lip & Palate Surgical Repair); The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society - Light the Night; Room to Grow; Making Strides (Breast Cancer); KFC (Korean Focus Cincinnati); Dolls for Daughters; Build the Dream Martin Luther King Memorial 

PS: We are sad to report that the matriarch of our family died in November / 2020, one month short of her 96th birthday due to covid. She will be sorely missed by all of us.