Collection: Crybaby Dolls, Dolls that Talk and Dolls that say Mama

Is it worth it to spend a little extra for Crybaby Dolls, Dolls that say Mama and other dolls that talk? Of course - if you can afford it! 

While your daughter is soothing her crying baby dolls she's practicing more realistic nurturing skills, developing stronger storytelling abilities and building her creative imagination!

We'd also like to give a shout out to Adora for their 'Cuddle and Coo™' crybaby dolls. These innovative dolls cry and say 'Mama,' 'kiss' you back when you kiss their cheeks, and have beautiful long hair for your daughter to rush and style - another favorite activity and nurturing skill for toddlers and older children. We have four versions: Blonde and Brunet, and Black and Light Brown skin tones.