Collection: Doll with Vitiligo and Down Syndrome Dolls from

When a child with Down Syndrome sees a doll with Down Syndrome, they feel better about themselves. "Look at this beautiful doll", they think. "She looks like me, I must be beautiful too."

That's called: "Inclusivity and self-esteem," And that's what Best Dolls for Kids is all about. Making sure your child is included in this wonderful world of dolls.

PS: Here are two things Addie and I would like you to know:

  1. Our Down Syndrome Dolls and Doll with Vitiligo are handmade by Miniland Educational in Spain, and were modeled and sculpted after a child with Down Syndrome.
  2. All of our Down Syndrome dolls come to you with a hand picked outfit specifically made to fit the doll. Styles and colors vary seasonally.