Best Dolls for Kids Clearance and Sale Items

Dear Friends;

Addie Laudin (Mrs. Pattycake Doll) here. Welcome to my page.

You know, whenever I go shopping online, I like to check the clearance pages first! So for many years, when we first started online, I used to bother Peter about it. "You gotta have a clearance page Honey!" 

But he's a stubborn old coot; he thought it would make the rest of the site look 'cheap' if we had a clearance section. But he can't out stubborn me! And, 
"Christmas is a coming," and our warehouse is stuffed to the rafters. We need that space...

You can help us get it, while saving yourself some ka-ching...
 because several years ago I finally convinced hubby that there are lots of women like me who like to check if the good stuff's on sale first. If that's how you like to shop too, I made this page for you. Enjoy!

PS: These are not seconds, nor returns, just being replaced by newer styles. We 'clearance' our 'damaged box' dolls here as well. In a warehouse with thousands of dolls, some boxes do get damaged!
PPS: Quantities are limited, (in some cases just a few left) so when they're gone, they're gone -- 1st come, 1st served!