For HABA 12 inch Dolls Bike Time 4 pc Doll Dress Up and Play Outfit

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One of the best benefits of doll play, is that it has no rules and no set time limits. anything your kids can imagine... every story, every role-play, contributes to the expansion of their minds and their imaginations.

One of the things you can do to increase all of these benefits is to add a doll's costume or special outfit. And that's what we have here for you: a 4 piece 'Bicycle Riders Outfit' specifically made to fit 12 inch HABA cloth dolls.

  • Set includes: Racing Shirt and Pants, Cloth 'Helmet,' and Backpack.
  • This outfit is made by HABA to fit HABA 12 inch cloth dolls including Graham, Nick, Cari etc.
  • Ages three and older
  • Shipped in polybag with wood hanger

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