Collection: Doll Clothes and accessories like Doll's Glasses and Potty Seats

Dolls and their Doll Clothes are one of the greatest 'play' pleasures in a child's life!

Want some more 'Me Time' Mommy? Just add some doll clothes to the doll play equation and you're guaranteed at least 30 extra minutes while she dresses and undresses her dolls!

Better yet, helping her dress and undress her dolls together is one of the best ways to share 'Bonding Time' with your child as well. That's two reasons why doll clothes improve doll play.

Dolls are to love, but dolls are also to nurture: she can feed her baby with our 'Magic Sippy Bottles' and Brush and Style her doll's hair with our exclusive doll's hair styling kit. We have dozens of hand-picked fashions for her to dress and undress her dolls, and we even have a couple of 'doll-sized' baby dolls for her doll to love and cuddle!