Collection: The Miniland Educational Dolls: Our Favorite Baby Dolls and Bath Toys

This is what Diversity in your Toybox really means, and what every doll should be! Fun, beautiful, sturdy and imaginative...

Without a doubt, some of the best educational  toys you can give your 2 year old toddlers are our Miniland Dolls. Fully posable all vinyl 15 inch baby dolls that have hair that can be brushed and dozens of dolls clothes and outfits to play with. 

We carry these anatomically correct dolls in all the multicultural and ethnic styles: the Black baby doll version, as well as Brown babies, Asian Baby dolls and White, Down Syndrome and in both dolls for boys and dolls for girls.

Miniland Dolls also make excellent Bath Toys, constructed for water play with seals designed to help prevent water from entering the doll and keeping it dry!