Beach Baby Piper: The Beautiful Black Water Baby and Bathtub Doll

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If your daughter would rather spend more time in her swimsuit than in her jumper, then this is the perfect Black Baby Doll for her! 

Take a look at Beach Babies™ Piper, a new Black water play baby doll from Adora, meant for outdoor Beach or Pool play. 

  1. Piper has their exclusive QuickDri™ cloth body and is dressed in a removable swim suit top, comes with a removable Bucket Hat and her own sunglasses!
  2. Piper also has adorable sun activated freckles painted across her face, that 'show' when the doll is in the sun. (A great way to teach children about UV rays and sunburn by the way.)

But in all other respects, Piper is exactly like all of Adora's regular PlayTime™ Baby Dolls... 13 inches tall, soft body, scented vinyl head, arms and legs, open and close eyes with eyelashes, can suck her thumb, machine washable and is safe for ages 1 and older.

PS: Don't get me wrong, Piper doesn't have to be a 'waterbaby!' She can be given to any child who just wants a new baby to love and nurture!

PPS: The manufacturer's pictures came a little light, look at the picture of the models holding the dolls to get a better idea of how dark she is.

Piper is machine washable!

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