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Marius: The Soft and Cuddly African-American or Black Boy's Baby Doll

Marius: The Soft and Cuddly African-American or Black Boy's Baby Doll

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Addie and I have been selling Black Dolls for twenty years now, and in our opinion, this new Marius doll by Corolle of France may be our best Black Boy's Baby Doll yet.

It's not that Marius is better than all our other dolls in and of himself, but because he has so many nice individual features, that taken all together make him the 'best in breed' in our Black dolls lineup. 

For example:

  • The Face Sculpt: There are a lot nice features here... the warm open and close "sleeping" eyes with eyelashes, his two little new front baby teeth poking through and the hand painted blush on his cute chubby cheeks.
  • His Outfit: Just look at this adorable (and removable) outfit! Marius comes dressed in a gray sleeper with a colorful printed rocket ship on his chest, and the cute and colorful collar and cuff space print that coordinates perfectly with his head cap.

In addition to his 'special' features, Marius has all the earmarks of a standard Baby Doll as well:

  • Marius is safe for toddlers 18 months and older.
  • Hs is the standard 12 inches tall, with a soft cloth and fiber filled body, lightly scented with Vanilla.
  • He has a bean bag butt so that he can sit by himself and to give him a more natural 'heft' in your toddler's arms. (He cannot stand by himself. ) 
  • Per Corolle, Marius is hand washable.
  • (Twenty years experience teaches us that if he gets really dirty, like dunked in the OJ, he is probably safe to go in the washing machine wrapped in a towel or tee shirt on gentle cycle, then squeeze dried - not wrung - in a towel, and then left out to air dry.)
  • The outfit is removable and can be replaced by most other manufacturer's 12 to 13 inch doll clothes. (Click Here for Accessories like Extra Clothes, Diapers and Bottles for this doll:

This doll can be gift-wrapped. It's only $4.99. To add, please click here

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