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Naomie: A Soft Plush Black Lovey and Rag Doll for Young Girls

Naomie: A Soft Plush Black Lovey and Rag Doll for Young Girls

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Soft, cuddly, comforting, cute... Black Lovey Dolls are those wonderfully soft plush rag dolls that you give to your child as their companion for the next few years.

Addie and I get this question a lot: "I've heard the term, but what exactly is a Lovey Doll?" 

Lovey Dolls are a kind of Rag Doll, built specifically for babies and toddlers. Here's what Addie and I look for when we choose these dolls for you:

  • First of all Safe. Loveys need to be a safe enough gift that you can give one to a newborn if you want, but also suitable for toddlers and older kids. Some examples of what we look for: one piece construction so their clothes don't get lost; no sequins to get loose or  buttons to pop off, etc.
  • Finger friendly - Different textures of course, but especially soft textures. Naomie's 'hair' is just about the softest velboa fabric we've ever touched. Your daughter will adore her!
  • Lightweight and easy to carry; self sitting.
  • Machine Washable: Loveys tend to get sucked on, sat on and dragged everywhere by your child. It will get knocked off the counter, thrown out of the stroller, fall on the floor and more!
  • Classy and Attractive. You're going to be looking at Naomie for the next few years, right? Obviously you want her to look nice! And Naomie is ADORABLE!

Naomie is dressed in a very pretty textured dress with matching amber boots and headband. Approx. 10in tall, gift boxed as shown, and even includes a sewn on label where you can record your child's name. 

This doll can be gift-wrapped. It's only $4.99. To add, please click here

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