All the Babies in the World, a Basket Full of Soft Multicultural Dolls

  • $35.99

Like 'hiding the peas in the gravy!' Our Basket of Babies - disguised as a simple set of soft multicultural lovey dolls - is our most creative and exciting educational activity toy!

Six super soft cloth babies - in three skin tones and 6 different removable outfits - provide hours of fun and educational play as your daughter plays mix-n-match with the outfits, builds her imagination creating 'names' and 'games' with her new babies, their clothes and the cloth carry basket they all come in!

  • Safe for all ages.
  • Dolls are 10 inches - see pictures - that's 1/3 the size of a toddler! 
  • Multicultural dolls come three ass't skin tones - two of each color.
  • Caps do not come off but clothes are removable - they can either 'mix' or 'match.' Both boost their creative muscles!
  • Finger and hand dexterity and development as your children change the doll's outfits or put them in and out of the basket.
  • Simple color identification games and counting games add additional educational opportunities for parental play.
  • The 'sleepers' are simple sacks with Velcro™ shoulder closures - even the youngest toddlers can dress and undress the dolls. 
  • Soft velboa polyester fabrics are machine washable.
  • Perfect for day care, Head Start and Preschools as well.
PS: Soft, and cuddly... don't be surprised to find your child snoozing away with one of these cuties in his or her arms.

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