Collection: Toddler Dolls: Creative, Imaginative Play, With Hair to Brush & Style

Toddler dolls are built differently because they have to pass a different set of safety standards - especially pull strength and the choke tube tests - your 18 month old child is much stronger than your 6 month old, a Toddler's Doll has to be built differently as well.

Toddler Dolls also 'look' older, generally have hair that can be brushed and styled and most have clothes that can be changed; those clothes are also more like your toddler's clothes, as opposed to the baby's onesies and crawlers she used to wear.  

And even though most of our bath toys dolls fit the 'Baby Dolls' category, they can also be considered toddler's dolls because this is the age where they can sit up in the tub by themselves and play.