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Dino Boy: A Biracial, Multicultural, Hispanic Baby Boy Doll for Boys

Dino Boy: A Biracial, Multicultural, Hispanic Baby Boy Doll for Boys

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You know what? This is just about the perfect baby doll. It just ticks off so many of the perfect baby doll boxes.

  1. First, Skin Tone. flexibility. The manufacturer describes it as medium, but we think it's representative of any 'child of color' in the lighter ethnic skin tones, or even a sun kissed White child with a golden tan.
  2. Second: Gender flexibility. As a soft bodied doll, this doll is non-gendered, and it comes dressed in an adorable gender neutral outfit, so you can present this to your children as a baby boy doll, a baby girl doll, a Tomboy doll or whatever you wish!
  3. And because Dino is the standard 13 inch Baby Doll size, there are literally hundreds or Boy's Doll outfits and Girl's Doll outfits that will fit it. So again, you have gender flexibility.
Trying to avoid the pink / blue doll stereotypes? this doll is for you!

    In addition to 'gender neutral' and 'skin tone flexibility,' here are a few more reasons to consider this a perfect baby doll:

    • Safe for all babies starting at only 1 year old.
    • Other baby safe features include: coverall's knots instead of buttons, BPA free, Phthalate free, lead free and Machine washable.
    • Removable coveralls, bright yellow tee and matching bucket hat. Comes with a bottle.
    • Can suck his thumb.
    • Eyes are gorgeous tiger's eye golden brown, open and close style, with eyelashes.
    • Baby Powder scented. (Will fade with time and washings.)
    Our new Hispanic Baby Boy Doll is machine washable

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