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Brown & Beautiful, Soft & Cuddly! A New Brown Girl's Rag Doll to Love

Brown & Beautiful, Soft & Cuddly! A New Brown Girl's Rag Doll to Love

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We have no shortage of Black, Brown or Biracial rag dolls to offer you these days... for some of our newer shoppers it's an eye-opener just how many are available for your daughter, granddaughter or niece. 

But what's really nice about this variety, is that you can be much choosier - "Which of these beautiful dolls is going to be my child's new best friend?"

Here's why we really like the "Strong Beautiful You" dolls from Demdaco: 

  • Color: Black 'hair,' and light beige 'skin' make her suitable for so many children: Black, Brown, Desi, Biracial or Latinx etc.
  • Safety: Safe for all ages. 
  • Size: 'Strong Beautiful You' dolls are approximately 14 inches high... for a 30 inch toddler that's huge!
  • Soft and Cuddly: Soft cotton, polyester and with a small beanbag butt (for sitting stability) these dolls are very finger friendly and wonderfully cuddly.
  • Also surface washable. 
  • Soft sculpted one piece design: Ears, thumbs, top and bottom with lace trim look like lots of pieces but she's really just one... nothing to come off or get lost.
  • Nicely Boxed for giving... note the cotton handle
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