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My Little Girl: The Cute Redhead Toddler Doll by Madame Alexander

My Little Girl: The Cute Redhead Toddler Doll by Madame Alexander

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Madame Alexander started her doll company in 1923, and it's my personal opinion that that 100 years of doll making expertise is what makes Madame Alexander dolls so special. Here are three of My Little Girl's best features:

  • She has a full head of red hair, currently styled in headband and scrunchies. It won't take long before your daughter discovers her own hair styling creativity and imagination as she plays with her doll!
  • That outfit! So many doll makers skimp on the outfit... they make a gorgeous doll and then dress it in a cheap outfit. Madame Alexander's quality shines in every detail.
  • Children always want to be 'older' than they are. Especially if there is another baby in the family.... hearing a lot of "I'm NOT a BABY!" in your house these days? This larger Redhead Toddler doll - so obviously NOT a baby - is perfect for that three or four year old child! 

More features of this beautiful Redhead 'My Little Girl' Madame Alexander doll: 

  • 14 inch doll is safe for ages 2 and older.
  • 'Classic' Madame Alexander face sculpt, bright blue 'sleeping' eyes with eyelashes, a full head of 'rooted' (not glued) red hair that your daughter can brush and style.
  • Comes with her own wide tooth comb and brush.
  • Cuddly soft body, vinyl arms and legs and a weighted 'butt' to feel more realistic and help her sit by herself. Doll does not stand by itself.
  • Removable outfits may vary in design, currently comes in a long sleeve polo and color coordinated fleece pants with a heart-dotted print apron in pinks and pastels.
  • Comes in an upright window box for easy gift wrapping.

This doll can be gift-wrapped. It's only $4.99. To add, please click here

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