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Little Friends Grandma Elli: Posable Grandmother Dollhouse Bendy Doll

Little Friends Grandma Elli: Posable Grandmother Dollhouse Bendy Doll

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Little Friends Grandma Elli is one of our most popular 'dollhouse' dolls from HABA. If you've been following us for a while, you already know how strongly we believe in Dollhouse dolls as powerful toys that not only make your kids smarter, but also increases their emotional intelligence (EQ) and their interactive social skills.

Addie and I know that when most of you think 'dolls,' you're thinking either 'soft and cuddly,' or a 'baby to nurture.' We sell those too obviously, but when you think 'play with dolls' we'd like you to remember all the benefits of dollhouse doll play:

  • Role Play:  interacting, pretending and interpreting family relationships and their roles within them. 
  • Creativity: Your kids don’t need a doll house to reap the benefits of dollhouse play. Using their imagination to provide the setting, or even better, using their creativity to make a setting! (Think shoe box doll houses for example.)
  • Imagination and Storytelling skills: You'll be astounded by your child's imagination as she pretends 'who is who' and builds stories about 'who is doing what!' as she plays with her dollhouse dolls
About Little Friends Dollhouse Dolls: The Better Than Dollhouse Dolls:
  • Dollhouse dolls are fun!
  • Soft colorful plastic over a flexible wire armature can be easily cleaned and germ-proofed. Very few dollhouse dolls can be posed. HABA Bendys can be.
  • Grandma dollhouse dolls are unique in that children immediately recognize them as a 'type.' While kids rarely see themselves in their dollhouse dolls, they immediately recognize 'Grandma.' Kids love their Grandmas and they love these dolls... (we carry Grandpa Kurt as well.)
  • HABA’s Little Friends and Accessories are made in the popular 12":1" scale.
  • Grandma Elli is a approximately 4.5" tall. 
  • Safe for ages 3 and older
  • PS: We gently suggest that maybe you'd like to keep a few of the Little Friends dolls at your house as special play things that you can share with your granddaughters when they come to visit! Years from now, possibly for their whole lives they will always remember playing with these dolls at your house.

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WARNING! Choking hazard: May contain small parts, not for children under 3 years.

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