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For 12 inch Dolls: Boys or Girls Unisex Skate Park 3pc Hoodie Vest Set

For 12 inch Dolls: Boys or Girls Unisex Skate Park 3pc Hoodie Vest Set

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Here's the answer to a problem you didn't even know you had! An adorable and slightly edgy 'Unisex' doll's outfit for 12 and 13 inch cloth bodied dolls.

Most doll manufacturers market their soft bodied dolls as either 'pink' aisle or 'blue' aisle even though they are usually the same doll! 

This outfit does away with all that. This 3 pc set made up of a blue hoodie vest, brown pants and long sleeve printed shirt make this outfit perfect for most 12-13 inch soft bodied dolls, therefore 'unisex.' 

  • Two snap buttons on the lined hoodie vest, three buttons on the long sleeved shirt and a hook and loop back seam on the trousers make this a relatively easy on and off dressing task for older toddlers, although the buttons give this outfit an automatic "ages three and older" choking hazard warning.
  • Comes on a hanger in a polybag with cardboard hang tag.
  • PS: Three year olds are not really gender aware yet, so this is really an adult designation, but if you find a doll you like at a yard sale or similar, you can easily make it what you want with this outfit.
  • PPS: Three year olds ARE very much aware of ageism though... they always want to be older, and 'Not a Baby!' anymore, so they will appreciate this outfit for it's older - not a baby - style too!
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