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Tiana, A Best Dolls for Multicultural Toddlers And Girls of Color

Tiana, A Best Dolls for Multicultural Toddlers And Girls of Color

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You never see dolls marked as 'Biracial Dolls' in the toy stores. Nor 'Desi' or NEMA Dolls. Nor Dolls for 'Mixed Kids.' And never: 'Dolls for Children of Color.'

But in the almost 20 years we've been in the doll business, Addie and I have heard those exact 'descriptions' from parents and grandparents looking for dolls for their children. We've also heard 'kinky hair' and 'redbone' and 'high yellow.' 

These dolls exist, of course - where the dichotomy comes from, is the manufacturer's descriptions. They're afraid to describe their dolls in those terms. 

But we're online, and we need to use the words real people use when they search. 

Tiana is the perfect doll for these children. Skin tone lighter than 'Black,' Straight Black hair, dark eyes. A Biracial doll, or a doll for the children from the South Asian diaspora.  Will your child recognize herself in this doll? 

We specialize in bringing Diversity to the toy box... please welcome Tiana to yours!

  • Safe for ages as young as 10 months!
  • Made in Spain by Miniland Educational.
  • Beautiful sculpts: Intricate details like eyelids and finger nails, beautiful warm brown eyes, calm, and soothing expressions. 
  • A full head of rooted hair, poseable arms, legs and head. Dolls sit by themselves but can not stand. Anatomically correct.
  • Also available: Carlos, Tiana's cousin.
  • Scented vinyl, no BPA or phthalates. Virtually indestructible, and easily cleaned!
  • Great for bathtime, pool side or beach play! Special seals help reduce the amount of water that can get into the dolls.
  • Standard 15 inch size, can wear most manufacturer's 15 inch doll clothes.
  • One outfit always included,  styles and colors vary.
  • More outfits for 15 inch dolls available here: 
  • We bring diversity to your toy box! Tiana is just one of almost two dozen ethnic and international dolls we carry that are used by parents and teachers all over the USA to teach tolerence, diversity and understanding to children.

 This doll can be gift-bagged - It's only $4.99. To add, please click here

WARNING!  Some dress-up outfits may contain small parts like buttons or bows that are considered Choking Hazards, not for children under 3 years without supervision.

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