Collection: The Llorens Dolls and Crybaby Dolls Collection, Made in Spain

Llorens dolls are higher quality dolls, perfect for gifting for special occasions, but at the same time sturdy enough for a child's everyday play.

Hand made in Spain at the Llorens family's factory, we have selected some the best dolls dolls from their collection, including various crybaby dolls, boy dolls; ethnic dolls like Whitney and Morgan who are Black Dolls, and the Asian Doll Dottie Aja, our best selling Llorens doll. 

  • Lloren's Doll's outfits do vary slightly season to season - pictures are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Please read the descriptions carefully as Llorens dolls vary in size, some are crybaby dolls and others are not, and some are soft bodied dolls while others are all vinyl.