Collection: Our Complete Baby Doll Collection Black - Brown - Asian - White

Addie and I have been selling dolls for over twenty years now, and although we know that there are dozens of kinds of dolls, from Rag Dolls and Loveys, Doll House Dolls and Crybaby Dolls and Dolls that talk, Bathtub Dolls, and Waterbabies, Educational Dolls like Potty Training Dolls and Learn to Dress.

But for most people, their first thought are the classic Baby Dolls, that generally look like a baby, are bald like a baby, and usually, dressed in a baby's outfit. 

Here's our full collection of Baby Dolls for sale: Dolls for Boys and Dolls for Girls in every different size and a large variety of skin tones. We're sure the perfect baby doll for your child is here