My Baby's Baby - Little Dolls for Little Hands - Dakota Biracial/Multicultural

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Ever notice how when you wheel your little one around the supermarket, as soon as she sees another baby, she whips her head around and stares?

If your daughter is doing that, then this is the doll you want for her now.

It's the right size, it's the right weight, and it's the right price. 

Soft bodied and machine washable, she's small, she's cuddly, and she's adorable.

  • 11 inches long.
  • Non closing eyes.
  • Outfits are removable, prints and patterns may vary.
  • Includes Doll Sized Baby Blanket
  • Boxed for easy wrapping.

This doll can be gift-wrapped. It's only $4.99. To add, please click here

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