Eddie! Our Most Popular Down Syndrome Boy Doll for Children

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A perfect doll for any child's toy box, Eddie is our newest Down Syndrome doll for kids. Why perfect? Because Eddie is part of an even broader line of diversity dolls, and as such becomes just another doll, just one of the gang, different, but the same. And that's the best way to teach children diversity: we're all different, yet we're all the same.  

  • Eddie is a 15 inch boy doll representing a child with Down Syndrome.
  • Safe for children starting at 10 months old.
  • 15 inches tall and made of soft scented vinyl with a full head of rooted synthetic dirty blond hair.
  • No Phthalates or BPAs. 
  • Makes a great bathtub toy, is poseable, can sit by himself.
  • He has a wonderful calm and serene smile on his face, doesn't he? Anatomically correct.
  • His eyes are not 'sleeping' (open-close) eyes
  • Undies and one outfit included, styles and colors vary. 
  • Doll manufactured by Miniland Educational in Spain.
  • Outfits may come from China, Phillipines, Vietnam etc.
  • More outfits for 15 inch dolls available here: 
  • We bring diversity to your toy box! Eddie is just one of almost two dozen ethnic and international dolls we carry that are used by parents and teachers all over the USA to teach tolerence, diversity and understanding to children.

 This doll can be gift-bagged - It's only $4.99. To add, please click here

WARNING!  Some dress-up outfits may contain small parts like buttons or bows that are considered Choking Hazards, not for children under 3 years without supervision.

PS: Eddie was modeled after a real child.
PPS: Click here to visit Cheryl a Girl Doll representing a child with Down Syndrome.

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