Collection: Dollhouse Dolls and Playsets Asian - Black - Multicultural - White

Three things you should know about our Dollhouse Dolls:

  1. You don't need a doll's house! (But we sell a small folding doll house, and ship it for free!)
  2. Dollhouse dolls are the best way to bring out the role play and storytelling creativity in your kids. 
  3. And our selection... it's marvelous! Dollhouse Grandma, and Dollhouse Puppies! Black Dollhouse Dolls and Redhead Dollhouse dolls! Boy dollhouse dolls and Girl dollhouse dolls. 

Unleash your kid's imagination! Hours and hours of play! 

(Pssst: You might want to listen in sometimes. You'll be amazed at the conversations going on while they play!)