Why are there anatomically correct dolls?

Why are there anatomically correct dolls?

An Anatomically Correct Girl Doll

Why are there Anatomically Correct Dolls?

  1. Children really do realize when 'something' is 'missing.' Some get concerned.
  2. To downplay the possibility of sex and body shaming or to prevent stereotyping. It's natural and it's there. Every new parent couple has 'that' conversation sooner or later..."what are we going to call 'it.'" 
  3. For educational purposes: Good touch - Bad touch lessons, Doctor visits explanations, new baby gender education for older sibling, potty training etc.
  4. For reborning. One of the largest categories in doll crafts is the art of reborning dolls. (Painting and sculpting dolls to make them look as lifelike as possible.) Those artists use anatomically correct dolls.
Gender Neutral Dolls

    What are Gender Neutral Dolls then?
    Gender neutral dolls are dolls designed for either boy's or girl's doll play. They do not have distinguishing genitals, nor are they dressed in the typical 'Pink is for girls, Blue is for boys' doll clothes. Parents who are trying to prevent gender stereotyping for their children often choose gender neutral dolls.

    Don't forget though, that gender identity in children starts around 3 or 4 years old. Gender self-identification is a little laterYounger than three they don't really care.

     Are there Transgender Dolls? Cross dressing dolls? Gay Dolls? Of course!

    Much of doll play is storytelling - they're creating stories and building worlds in their imaginations, but the doll represents 'someone or something.' The simplest example of this is the doll's tea party. The table is populated by dolls, but the dolls represent people or characters she knows.

    So what is a transgender doll? It's a doll that your child can imagine it to be. 22% of same-sex couples have children. If the children are telling gender related stories, might they be pretending that both dolls are Mommy? Dolls are a physical representation of the child's imagination.

    Is this a 'Tomboy Doll?' Maybe.

    Tomboys exist, Princess Boys exist. Girl dolls in boy's clothes or boy dolls in girl clothes, why not? 

    Wherever gender neutral dolls, doll clothes or anatomically correct dolls are sold, every gender combination and solution is available. 

    PS: It is so common as to be unremarkable: soft bodied baby dolls are almost always bought with opposite sex clothing when there are more than one child in the family!


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