The Box Inside the Box - Reducing our carbon footprint.

The Box Inside the Box - Reducing our carbon footprint.

The Best Dolls For Kids is located in a small village in northern New York.

There are no doll factories here!

Like everyone else, we're trying to help the environment by reducing our carbon footprint, packaging waste, shipping weights and shipping costs for all of us. 

We're especially trying to eliminate the box inside the box!

Most of our dolls come from overseas: from Spain, China, some from Sri Lanka,  Indonesia and Vietnam. We always order in 'full case pack,' and request whenever possible, that smaller cases be taped together to make one single shipping box.

We also ask our manufacturers to ship product 'out of box,' with limited success. 

Most of our dolls are shipped in colorful boxes designed to catch your eye on the retailer's shelf. To set aside a few hundred 'out of box dolls' for an etailer like us is an additional cost for our vendors; we're just too small a customer for them to bother.

However, we would like to give an appreciative shout out to: Miniland Educational, Hearts for Hearts, JC Toys, Paradise Gifts and Diana Dolls in particular for helping us eliminate excessive packaging, environmental waste and shipping costs. 

We also pledge to try to not to ship 'boxes inside of boxes.' Especially those big greedy shelf space-stealers that some manufacturers like to use! 

But still, most of your baby dolls will come in boxes. Most of your rag dolls will not. It's a work in progress.

So in addition to our efforts to get our suppliers to cut waste, we also are doing our best to reduce the waste we're sending to you. The environment will thank us all for it, and we're pretty sure your child won't notice.

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