It's not about the skin color, it's about loving you! Giving a Doll.

It's not about the skin color, it's about loving you! Giving a Doll.

We are always amazed by the number of people who want to match their children's uniqueness to a doll.

"I want a doll that looks like my grandbaby. She is half Asian and half Black with straight brown hair that curls at the ends and greyish-green eyes." 

"Do you have something like that?"

First of all, no we don't. We don't make dolls, we buy them from the manufacturers. And they mass produce dolls by the thousands to satisfy the masses. They make White, Asian, Black and Brown Dolls.

But skin tones vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and we carry the largest selection of ethnic dolls on the internet. That's who The Pattycake Doll Company is, and that's what we do. The odds are that we can get 'really close.'

Second. 'Your Baby Don't Care.' If you draw a smile on a clothes pin and glue a pretty piece of cloth around it, she will adore it... and you... forever. In fact, try it sometime. Buy one of our dolls first, then give her the clothespin doll. Now her doll has a doll, and you'll have created an indelible memory.

And finally, go into a Best Buy or Target or other store that sells TVs and stand in front of that wall where they are all showing the same picture. Pick any color. How many different versions of that color do you see? 

People come to The Pattycake Doll Company's websites because we have 100's of ethnic dolls. Buy one you like. Don't worry so much about the doll's color. Your kids don't.

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