A potty training doll on a doll's potty seat

How to use a doll to potty train your child.

What’s the best way to potty train a child?
Is there an easy way to potty train a child?
What can I do if my child doesn’t want to use the potty?

The best, easiest and fastest way to potty train a child is with a potty training doll.

100% Guaranteed to work? Of course not. Works most of the time? Yep.

Here’s how to use Potty Training doll to potty train your child:

Make a game of it:
You and your child are going to potty train their favorite doll - It’s a game. It’s pretend. Here’s your chance to be that over the top actress you always wanted to be!
The poops are kidney beans. The wee’s are water.

Your child is going to bring you the doll any time he or she ‘thinks’ the doll has to go potty.
Ask your kid: “Poop or wee?”
Pretend. ‘Grunt’ for the doll. “Whishh’ for the wee. Get your kid to grunt; get your kid to “Whishh.” Something’s happening! Dolly’s Going Potty!
Make it fun. Make it realistic. Get your child involved in this new, fun game.

Now, Reward the doll! Make a big deal about the doll’s success! Celebrate! Congratulate! “Great Job Dolly!!” Maybe even a piece of pretend cookie or cake - for the doll.

But only a mild ‘thank you’ for your child, for letting you know the Doll had to go. For letting you play this game with them. Don’t celebrate your child’s success, celebrate the doll’s.

Here’s why it works: Your child wants that praise. Your child wants that celebration. Your child wants that attention.

And now your kids know just what they have to do to get it.

If you don’t have a potty training doll, most any doll and pretend potty will do. Here's one of our 15 inch anatomically correct girls sitting on the Gotz doll's potty seat.

PS: You definitely want to praise any time they try to potty. But you only reward results.

PPS: And don’t frazzle yourself up about how long it takes to potty train your child. Nobody’s ever walked down the wedding aisle in diapers.

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