Lots to Love Multicultural Doll in Muslim Boy Doll in Kufi and Kaftan Outfit

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What if your new Baby Boy doll was not only a doll to be cherished, but also a lesson in love for your little ones, with a touch of cultural identity thrown in for flavor?

Our adorable 'Lots to Love' Multicultural baby dolls come with these handmade, Islamic inspired, Kaftan and Kufi outfits that help introduce other children to the diversity of faith, heritage and fashion, while they also help build your children's self-esteem and feelings of inclusion in the world of everyday doll play!

We start with our medium toned Lots to Love dolls as the base on which to build these multicultural Islamic inspired dolls. We have found that they come closest to representing many of the biracial children as well as children from the Middle Eastern regions.

Kids love these dolls, and not surprisingly, teachers do too. They are the most popular diversity dolls in America!

  • All of the 'Lots to Love' gender neutral Baby dolls are charming, simple and basic.
  • Virtually indestructible, poseable arms, legs and heads, can sit by themselves.
  • Kufi and Kaftan Islam inspired outfits are hand made in Canada and as such can vary in colors and patterns.
  • Also available in an Islamic inspired girl's version in Hajib and Abaya
  • For ages two and up, 10 inches tall (these are considered small dolls - see image) 
  • For ages two and up, 10 inches tall (these are considered small dolls - see image) 
  • Facial expressions vary, let us choose one for you please.
  • Eyes do not open and close, Color: Brown
  • Hair is molded and painted.
  • Perfect for bath time play; for classroom use can be washed daily.
  • Poseable doll can sit but not stand, photographed upright to display outfit.
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