Gift Wrap Choices

  • $4.99

If getting a new toy is a 10.... then getting a gift wrapped toy is a 100. 

There is nothing that is more exciting to a child than a gift wrapped gift. There's something about not knowing what's inside that package that just revs it up for children. The bright colors. The mystery of 'what's inside?' All the joy of "a gift... for me!"

Are you up for a little of that excitement? We can help.

We've spent the last 15 years refining and perfecting the art of gift wrapping dolls. And although not every doll we sell lends themselves to gift wrapping, most do - even the soft cloth and floppy dolls - we can send you gift bags with those. 

(First though, make sure we offer gift wrapping on the doll product page. It will say either:

  1. "This Doll can be gift wrapped," or
  2. "Want us to ship a Gift Bag with this Doll?"

Here are your choices: 

'Gift Wrapped' packages are wrapped in a high quality themed paper (Birthday theme or Holiday theme) with a bow attached.

With 'Gift Bagged' packages the Gift Bag is put in your mailer along with the doll and includes the bag, the color coordinated tissue paper and a gift tag.

The Santa Sack is made of heavy duty red fleeced satin trimmed with a wide border of faux fur. The bag is a good size... in the picture it is shown behind a 10 inch doll. We've heard from customers that it makes a great Holiday Stocking as well.

PS: Wrapping paper and gift bag patterns and colors may vary from designs shown.