Collection: The Kaloo Dolls Collection: First Dolls and Loveys by Kaloo of France

One of our favorite collections of Lovey Dolls for Babies, we love this baby safe and adorable plush doll collection by Kaloo of France.

And, regardless of your child's heritage, you'll find an adorable, soft and safe doll for him or her!  Collection includes a cute First doll for Boys, an African American or Black Doll, an Asian doll, ethnic dolls for a biracial or multiracial child as well as a few White Dolls.

High quality, European design, wonderful textures and prints, perfect carry and cuddle dolls for children up to four years of age.

Please note that Kaloo makes the same dolls in multiple sizes. We carry only Kaloo's Medium or Large dolls. We do not carry any of Kaloo's 'Small' dolls.