Doll's Eyeglasses for 15 inch Miniland Dolls; Terracotta or Turquoise

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Sooner or later, most children who wear glasses ask about eyeglasses for their dolls. 

And because about 25% of little kids wear glasses, and is all about inclusivity, we've got them! In two colors!

But we need to be very clear with you: These particular doll's eyeglasses are made specifically by Miniland for their own 15 inch dolls. 

Miniland dolls, made in Spain, are some of the best dolls you can buy anyway... gorgeous sculpts, practically indestructible, with full heads of rooted hair, safe for the bathtub, with dozens of outfits available and in every ethnicity. 

But... if seven bucks won't break your bank, they may be worth a shot for some of your children's other dolls. We've found that with a little ingenuity and some rubber bands, these doll's glasses can be made to fit almost any doll with a head about the size of a small grapefruit. (How's that for preciseness?) However, these are one of the items we can't accept returns on. -- Return shipping costs more than the item itself.

  • Across the top front of the frame is 2 5/8 inches.
  • From the bridge to the back is about 4 inches.
  • The glass's frames are very flexible and the removable strap slides over the ends of the glasses' temples. 
  • The strap has about a quarter inch of leeway on each side as to how far up or down the ends of the temples it can slide, increasing or decreasing the circumference.
  • Product listing does not include the dolls, they are for illustrative purposes only.

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