Dragon BabyTots, A Black Baby Boy Doll for Pool, Bath and Beach Play

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A doll he can safely take to the beach? You got it!

Toddlers attach to their dolls, and want to take them everywhere. For most dolls that can be a problem or a tantrum. Not Dragon Baby!

This Black Baby Boy doll can go anywhere he goes: whether it's the pool, a puddle, the beach or the bath. And especially: the washer! (No, we're not saying put your baby in the washer..!)

So stop the crying before it starts... a soft cuddle and carry baby with a quick drain and quick dry cloth body he can take anywhere, especially into the water. 

  • Safe for children starting as young as 12 months.
  • Only  8½ inches, easily carried by the smallest toddlers.
  • Absolutely adorable and removable Dragon design hooded terrycloth robe.
  • Remove the robe to reveal the printed 'swimsuit' body.
  • Baby Powder scented vinyl head, arms and legs.
  • Quikdri™ fast draining and fast drying technology.
  • Can sit by himself and suck his thumb.
  • BPA free
  • Comes in a small shelf sitter box.
  • You can actually be a little loose with the 'boy' part, the doll is actually gender neutral.

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