My Cuddle & Coo™ Unicorn Magic, a Light Brown Interactive Cry Baby Doll

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How do you get a baby to stop crying? You hug and comfort her right?

Now, with the latest interactive doll technology, your daughter's dolls bring that realism to her baby doll play with cry baby dolls that not only cry and call for Mama, but giggle, kiss and can be 'comforted' too!

It's like loving a real baby!

Adora's  new Cuddle & Coo interactive baby dolls have 5 fun features for your daughter:

  1. Tickle her ribs and she giggles and laughs.
  2. Pat her on the head and she says: "Mama."
  3. Kiss her and she kisses you back!
  4. Squeeze her hand and she cries, and then...
  5. While she's crying, cuddle her and pat her head... and she 'coo's.

'Unicorn Magic,' has Brown eyes, Brunette hair, and light brown skin tones An in between White and Black version of this adorable toddler doll. She comes dressed in a removable 2 pc outfit consisting of a jersey knit drop waist ruffled top over a pretty white print pants.

  • Unicorn Magic is safe for ages 3 and older.
  • She is 15 inches tall and can wear other manufacturers standard 15 inch doll clothes . (See picture of her in our golden polka dot empire waist dress.)
  • Unicorn Magic is the light brown skin tone version. Shown are the other three: Blonde and Brunette 'White' skin tones and Black / or African American. 
  • Requires 3 AA batteries - 3 are included.
  • Eyes open and close, soft and silky hair can be brushed and styled.
  • Doll is 'Baby Powder' scented.
  • Sound box does have an 'off' position. 

WARNING! Choking hazard: May contain small parts, not for children under 3 years.

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