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Kessie: A Black Girl's Rag Doll with Cornrows 2 Dresses Gift Set

Kessie: A Black Girl's Rag Doll with Cornrows 2 Dresses Gift Set

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How good are you at braiding?

Because your child is going to be so excited... she's going to fall so hard and so fast with her new Kessie doll, and she's undoubtedly going to want you to do her hair the same way!

"She's so pretty! And look at her hair Grandma, she has cornrows! Ooooh, her dress is so soft!"

Here's your child's new best friend! Her name is Kessie, and she is a rather unique soft cloth Black Girl's rag doll, hand made in Sri Lanka.

Addie and I have been selling Black and Brown children's dolls for over 20 years now; All of them have been beautiful, but none have ever been as special as Kessie is. Here's why:

  • First of all of course is are her 'corn rows.' They are embroidered on, but the side buns can be styled and re-styled.
  • Next are her two outfits. Even Barbie only comes with one dress per doll - you have to go buy separate clothes if you want to. (And you know your kids certainly expect lots of clothes for their Barbies!)
  • Kessie comes with two completely different dresses: The tulle aqua and pink 'tutu' style dress and the pretty red cotton 'party' dress with the buttons design.
  • Your child will also be impressed by Kessie's size, she's pretty big for a rag doll at 15 inches, but she can be safely given to any child, any age, including newborns.

Kessie is hand made in Sri Lanka by Bonikka, who is known for making safe, non-toxic and environmentally sustainable and biodegradable dolls, socially responsible manufacturing and with no plastics.

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