Wee Baby Farmer- A Biracial, Multicultural or Hispanic Doll for Boys or Girls

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Smart gift-givers know that there's nothing better than a doll that can be given to any child 'of color' and that makes a great doll gift for either boys or girls!

More than half the children in America are now children of color, and the Millennial  generation is pushing for more gender neutral toys for their children, Wee Baby Farmer meets those descriptions!  

  • Wee Baby Farmer is safe for all children 12 months and older.
  • Beige skin tone suitable for all ethnic children.
  • One of the famous Wee Baby Stella collection, with the magical, mysterious magnetic pacifiers that so intrigue children. (Magnets intrigue me too!)
  • The Tiny Farmer play set comes with the doll, magnetic pacifier, the doll's own soft bunny lovey / security blanket, a fabric garden basket, and pretend packet of carrot seeds.
  • Outfit is removable. Doll is surface wash recommendation. 
  • Wee Baby Stella dolls are soft sculpt, with ears, thumbs and toes, a soft 'baby's belly' and even a belly button 
  • 12 inches tall
  • Boxed. 

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