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Jada, The Black or Brown Girl's Cuddle Doll for Young Toddlers by HABA

Jada, The Black or Brown Girl's Cuddle Doll for Young Toddlers by HABA

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Isn't it amazing just how much cuddly cuteness HABA can pack into a rag doll for your Black or Brown toddler?

Jada is about as perfect a Rag Doll as you can find if you are looking for a doll for your younger toddlers. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

  • Safety: These dolls are safe for children starting at 6 months; you can buy one as a plushie cuddly to clutch even before the child is quite ready to play dolls. 
  • Better than a teddy: finger friendly soft plush that's easy to keep clean - machine washable - yet doesn't have the 'dust gathering fur' of the typical children's stuffed animals. Less dust means less dust mites and other allergins.
  • Toddler style. The last thing a toddler wants is to be babied. "I'm a BIG girl now!!!" or "I can do it!!!" Heard any of that lately? These dolls look like the toddler they really want to be. 
  • Perfect size at 11 inches. Your typical 2 year old is about 30 inches tall, so even though this may seem small to you, it's about one third the size of your child... impressively large for them!
  • Dressed in soft gray jersey dress over 'tee' and'leggings.' Outfits are not removable (can't get lost).
  • Comes in an open shelf sitter package.

    So there you go! Everything you want in a Black or Brown toddler's doll: Safe, machine washable, soft and cuddly and the perfect size! 

    PS: We also carry Mason (click here) Jada's 'Brother' or 'Cousin' or 'Twin,' Which is a really nice feature. It can help a child welcome a new baby into the family or discovery role play of family relationships. 

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