Collection: Brown / Hispanic / Biracial: The Toddler and Baby Dolls Collections

What color is a Biracial Doll? An Hispanic Doll? A Multicultural Doll? 

With over half of America's children now 'children of color,' we're proud to offer the largest selection of Brown Dolls, Ethnic dolls and other Multicultural or Biracial dolls for your children. From MENA and Afro-Latinx Dolls to dolls for the children of the Desi South Asian diaspora, and every other culture we can think of, we're sure that somewhere in our collections you will find the perfect doll for your child!

And what's the difference between a baby doll and a toddler doll?

Baby Dolls are designed to bring out your child's developing nurturing skills. Your child will cuddle and feed and bathe their 'baby' just like Mommy and Daddy does. Baby dolls are generally bald, and dressed in baby outfits like crawlers and onesies.

With Toddler Dolls, your child's play starts to become more outwardly focused as they begin to explore who they are in relation to the world around them. Play groups, pre school and family - all have rules. Plus Toddler dolls dress 'older.' outfits like jeans and tee shirts, and often have hair that can be brushed and styled.