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What Every Family Wants for their Children:

Dolls that are pretty and dolls that are safe. A good quality at a fair price with great play value. But most of all, dolls that look like your kids.

Our Best Asian Dolls for Babies and Toddlers

Twenty years ago, The Pattycake Doll Company got its start selling Asian Dolls,... 

The Best Boy Dolls and The Best Dolls For Boys

Dolls for Boys or Boy Dolls, is there a difference? Yes! Boy... 

Best Black Dolls for Kids

Times have changed and almost all of the major doll companies now... 

Great Gifts From Grandma!

The top five choices that 'Grandmas' have bought for their grandchildren over the last 20 plus years.

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The Complete Rag Dolls Collection

How many adults still have their childhood Rag Dolls or Loveys? An astonishing...