Sesame Street 'Pirate' Elmo Learn to Dress doll

Sesame Street Elmo Learn to Dress Pirate

  • $25.99

Ahoy there matey! Sesame Street 'Pirate' Elmo is here to entertain your children while teaching them six of the basic learn to dress skills!

Your soft, stuffed Elmo Learn to dress toy comes with his own treasure map and loyal parrot sidekick Smartie.

You want to teach your children to dress themselves? So far there's no app for that, just good old fashioned doll play!

  • Age recommendations from 12 months to 4 years.
  • Buckle belt - snap pocket - laces shirt - button boot - Velcro™ boot and more.
  • 16 inches tall
  • Not just a teach me toy, Sesame Street Elmo is also a great cuddle companion... so soft!

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