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Sesame Street Julia Doll, 14" Soft Plush Doll "On the Autism Spectrum"

Sesame Street Julia Doll, 14" Soft Plush Doll "On the Autism Spectrum"

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We know it's like the expression "Damning with faint praise,' but as just another rag doll - even though she's a pretty good rag doll - Julia isn't really anything special among all the other rag dolls we sell.

So why do we carry her?

Because as a symbol of inclusivity, Sesame Street's Julia doll - representing a 'child' on the Autistic Spectrum - is a small miracle... a doll for children that helps 'different' become 'normal.'

It's pretty simple after all: If the first exposure a child has to autism is Sesame Street's Julia, future encounters with children on the spectrum will go much better, and acceptance more natural. And for that to happen because there is a Julia doll in the toy box at pre-school or at their friend's house or wherever, then that is a miracle indeed.

  • Julia is approx. 14 inches tall and is a licensed character doll by GUND.
  • Colorful soft fabric shell, plastic pellets butt (Julia can sit by herself), plastic 'stiffener' to shape her mouth.
  • Manufacturer recommended ages 1 and up. 
  • Another perfect example of modern soft-sculpt doll manufacturing!
  • There's no guidance on the doll but Addie and I have been selling GUND Sesame Street character dolls for over 20 years and have found that generally they can be machine washed gentle/cold, and air dried after squeezing out excess moisture with a towel. 
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