Park Ranger Doll: For Kids who care about Wildlife and the Environment

  • $4.99
  • Save $15

If you have a budding environmentalist child, you want to support that right? Addie and I do too, which is why - despite the fact that we sell so few - we still carry them, because these children are rare and need to be cherished. 

If your child cares about the California and Australian fires, Killer Whales and Dolphins locked in captivity, Rhinos and Elephants decimated by poachers, then these Park Ranger Dolls are for them. Because Park Rangers also care, and they are heroes. 

Our dolls are modeled after American Park Rangers, but can stand service for Wildlife Heros worldwide. 

  • Ages 3 or older
  • 12 inches tall 
  • surface wash only, air dry
  • Ranger's Hats are tack stitched to the heads.

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